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[How To]Making Ubuntu(and other Linux) look like Mac OS X and Some Tips on AWN dock

This is just a casual how to for people who love customisation. As of today the most wanted OS look and feel are that of  Windows Vista and MAC OS X. Have a look at this post Damien has written on MakeTechEasier, will help you get that OS X look.                                

The above guide is really excellent and provides the tiniest details for perfecting the customisation. I loved the above guide a lot and I hope so will you.

Finally, I would like to give you a small tip. I encountered certain problems with customising awn dock. The theme specified for the dock did not give a complete imitation of mac dock. Also, the stacks did not work for me. So, in case anyone encountering same problem please use cairo-dock instead of awn. Because, in cairo-dock the imitation of mac dock is done well, it is more customisable than awn dock and stacks applet is aslo available for cairo-dock.

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