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[How To] Solution for sudo: must be setuid root problem

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I had encountered this problem on sudo/gksu not working few months earlier.

Whenever I had to open an application with gksu it did not open at all !  I was wondering what did i do. I dint know whether  i meddled with something or is it any other configuration that created the problem.

If I type sudo in terminal I get

sudo: must be setuid root

This is how I went about fixing it:-

  1. Open terminal and enter as root i.e. type ‘su’ and then the root password (Please be careful while being the root). Alternatively, you can also use ur OS’s live CD to mount the root partition (the partition where you have installed your OS)
  2. Next, type chmod 4755 /usr/bin/sudo If the command perfectly happens then as far I am able to tell sudo and gksu should work correctly.

If anyone of you are still having problems regarding this issue please post it in comments

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Sathyajith Bhat
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