Mono 2.0 Live CD is available for Download

The second version of Mono, the Open Source implemention of .NET was released earlier this week. Close on the heels of this release, the folks at openSUSE have spun-off a LiveCD consisting of Mono 2.0, MonoDevelop 1.0, Banshee 1.2.1, F-Spot, GNOME Do 0.6.0, Tomboy 0.12.0,Tasque 0.1.6, Various ASP.NET Applications, Mono Debugger, and more.

So if you want to dabble into Mono 2.0 without having the hassle of compiling them on your production system, just grab the Live CD.

The Live CD is available from Torrents, Novell’s FTP server and as a VMWare Appliance.

So grab it via a distribution medium or your choice, and happy coding!

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