A New Look For Sathya Says

It’s been about 1 and half years since I started blogging on Linux. I started Sathya Says as a WordPress hosted blog, and soon shifted to my own domain. It’s been more than a year now, since I’ve been shifted away from WordPress hosted blog, and ever since the inception, the theme of my blog has remained the same. Recently while having a look at my blog, I decided to change the theme a bit. After searching for a bit, I decided to have this(WP-Premium) as the theme for Sathya Says.

Coming to the posts, I realize that I haven’t been posting as often as I should, unfortunately my tight work schedule leaves me with very little time [excuses, excuses I know], I certainly will try my best to keep them posts coming.

Do drop a comment if you wish to say something, or want to leave me a word of encouragement [ that helps :) ], or have any suggestion.



  1. Congrats and this site looks awesome :D I totally forgot how it looked before, even though I came and saw the place just this mornging :P

    btw, dude, where are your stats? I mean its a landmark post right? so tell us how many posts you have made etc etc. would be interesting to know how much you have done in all these years.

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