WordPress 2.7 Beta 1 is out, November 10 release gets delayed

WordPress today released the first beta of WordPress 2.7 as on schedule. However the fianl release of WordPress 2.7 won’t be available on November 10, as per the schedule.

As posted on the WordPress development blog

Speaking of the final release, it will not be available on November 10th as originally scheduled.  We are two weeks behind schedule at the moment.  We need a little more time to finish the visual design, do a round of user testing against that finished design, and do a proper round of public beta testing

However they mention that they release a Release Candidate on November 10th, and that it would be a very polished, release-worthy version.
I’ve been checking it out, and looks pretty impressive indeed.

WordPress Dashboard

Above’s the screenshot.

Grab it from here

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