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If Amarok 2.0 doesn’t add any songs to your playlist or collection…..

Here’s a short tip: If Amarok 2.0 doesn’t add any songs to your playlist or collection, or the collection scan is getting hung at up 47% or 79% try installing mysql. Since Amarok 2 now makes use of mysql as its backend, it expects mysql to be installed(nope, mysql-client won’t do either). As a result, after scanning, it cannot add the songs to the collection database and the process just stops.
Just install mysql, and you should be rocking to music on Amarok again


  1. MySQL is embedded into Amarok 2 (Using libmysqld, without which it wouldn’t work). When my progress bar sticks, I just restart the player and it resets itself.

    1. MySQL is embedded, yes, but at the moment (atleast in openSUSE build), mysqle ca’t add songs to collected (confirmed by a post on openSUSE/Amarok forums), you need MySQL

  2. Is it really that? What’s wrong with using sqlite? It does a great job and uses less resources. BTW, I am running amarok2 on Fedora10 but I have not installed nor wish to install mysql. There should be some way to make do with sqlite?

  3. Yeah, I checked that after posting this comment. The embedded mysql is supposed to work better than sqlite and using less resources but alas it’s not upto the mark as yet. I guess I will have to live one more database running on my system.

  4. err no. I have postgresql already running for OpenERP. So, I don’t want two heavyweight DB’s running together on my old system. I would have been fine if it was one of the heavyweights and one lightweight one like SQLite. Embedded MySQL in Amarok would have done too due to it’s lightweight nature but for some reason it is not working. I hope the devs fix it without requiring full MySQL running, in the future.

  5. I have MySQL installed, as well as MySQL-client. Amarok hangs up after a certain percentage, just like you mentioned. I have 500 gigs of music, but that never stopped it from working in old versions. I always configured MySQL from terminal and everything was fine. I was surprised to find that all I had to do for Amarok 2 was install MySQL, with no need to configure it.

    Do you think this is a KDE 4.2 problem, an openSuSE 11.1 problem, an Amarok problem or a MySQL config problem? I’m asking you because you seem to have a good grasp of it, and I’m not really sure which of those distro forums to start in.


  6. Sorry for the double post. I think I got it. I’m surprised I didn’t think of it sooner. I added my user account to the mysql group.


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