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Fixing Sabayon 4 dropping to console/terminal when pressing the Windows Key

I’ve been trying out Sabayon 4 since the past weeks, and its been really great (will post a review soon). The one really irritating thing though, is on hitting the Windows(“Super”) key on the keyboard would result in Sabayon 4 switching VT’s. Now if you’ve no idea what VT’s are…. well that I would post some other time, basically you’d drop to a console prompt.

Anyways to remove this binding, open the Terminal, switch to root by typing su root

Now, type rc-update del keymaps default; rc-update add keymaps boot hit Enter, and reboot.

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  1. Thankyou so much!! Bugging me in gnome, I reinstalled with fluxbox and.. _still_ there.

    This has made shortcut keys so much easier!
    Thanks again,


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