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KDE4 Theme for Firefox: Get Rid of the (F)Ugly Look of Firefox under KDE4

Well I upgraded the KDE installation in my Sabayon system to KDE4 (by default, Sabayon installs KDE 3.5.10) and after logging in, and opening Firefox, the first thing I noticed was the absolutely FUGLY,  and yes I MEAN FUGLY look of Firefox. Don’t believe me? Have a look

fugly firefox

Thankfully, Firefox’s support for theme and the immense community out there meant I was able to get a fantastic theme, which makes Firefox look like a native KDE4 application (well, almost!).

You can download KDE4 + Firefox 3 theme from here, though do note that it is an experimental add-on and hence you will need a Mozilla account. Its  well worth registering though, have a look at Firefox after applying the theme.

better firefox


    1. Can’t seem find gtk-qt under Gentoo/Sabayon

      sathya@SHAMAN ~ $ equo search GTK-QT
      >> @@ Searching...
      >> #1 Sabayon Linux Official Repository
      sathya@SHAMAN ~ $ equo search qt | grep gtk
      >> @@ Package: x11-themes/gtk-engines-qt-0.8-r3 branch: 4
      >> Name: gtk-engines-qt
      >> Download: packages/amd64/3.5/x11-themes:gtk-engines-qt-0.8-r3~0.tbz2
      >> ## >=x11-libs/gtk+-2.2
      >> Homepage:
      >> @@ Package: x11-themes/gtk-engines-qt-1.1 branch: 4
      >> Name: gtk-engines-qt
      >> Download: packages/amd64/4/x11-themes:gtk-engines-qt-1.1~0.tbz2
      >> ## x11-libs/gtk+:2
      >> Homepage:
      >> @@ Package: x11-themes/gtk-engines-qtcurve-0.59.7-r1 branch: 4
      >> Name: gtk-engines-qtcurve
      >> Download: packages/amd64/3.5/x11-themes:gtk-engines-qtcurve-0.59.7-r1~0.tbz2
      >> ## x11-libs/gtk+:2
      >> @@ Package: x11-themes/gtk-engines-qtpixmap-0.28-r2 branch: 4
      >> Name: gtk-engines-qtpixmap
      >> Download: packages/amd64/3.5/x11-themes:gtk-engines-qtpixmap-0.28-r2~0.tbz2
      >> ## >=x11-libs/gtk+-2
      sathya@SHAMAN ~ $

  1. Hi Sathya,
    This is useful for us KDE 4 users. And since I have been using firefox ever since I installed Fedora, I needed this.
    As to your query, I do see gtk-engines-qt, that is what you are looking for isn’t it?

  2. Sathya, I don’t know how equo works but for portage, I’d used to use eix. It’s a very good tool for searching apps in the repositories. It supports regex and filters too. It supports search overlays too.

  3. I installed this theme and found that all the menu bars we looking perfect but the text boxes, rodio buttons, check boxes on the web pages had a thick grey border which looked really odd…

    ne idea to remove those borders…

  4. okay so I spent the last 5 mins searching for the same template you’re using and cannot find it. Didn’t want to have to ask but really would like to use it for my site, could you let me know? I’ll check back here soon for any replies. Thanks

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