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  2. Nice and simple explanation Bharath.

    Don’t use this package unless you are ready to compromise your system’s performance. The concept of Animated wallpaper is not yet stable [almost all of them take a very high CPU usage].. I prefer keeping my wallpaper as simple as possible [it helps you concentrate on the work you do], anyway, that es a subjective opinion.

    ****************UBUNTU FOREVER*********************

  3. @Bharath: Just wanted to let you know that the location mentioned for the source code of xwinwrap is for the older version. The newer version (done by me), from which the deb files linked to from your post are made from, is hosted on launchpad. Moreover, the commands given above will work only with newer version not with the old one.

    @Ranjith: There is not much of a performance hit with these. I have a very old laptop and still it takes only a few percent of the CPU.

  4. “To use the GLMatrix screensaver….”

    So could I do a picture slideshow as my animated background instead? Or…any screensaver?
    That’s one of the few features I’m interested in from Windows 7, but apparently I can ONLY do it with a picture slideshow, yet you’re saying I can do it with far more forms of animation.
    That alone might tip the balance so I get Linux. (I need a new computer, anyway.)

    Page is bookmarked. Or it will be once I can convince my computer to do what I tell it to.

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  6. I wrote a frontend for xwinwrap called VDesk – Visual Desktop. It gives you the ability to have your animated desktop background start at login, adjust the overlay transparency, adjust the volume of the currently playing video, etc. etc.. Thanks to Shantanu for polishing xwinwrap :)
    You can get VDesk for free at:

    p.s. – gotta love the autobot spam message up there… makes me wonder if this thread is still monitored :/

  7. Now I use VDESK, but how to set 4 animations. From what I see I can use only 1 and I have 4 desktops and 4 animations, so Vdesk doesnt really help alot, its step further, but one animation for 4 desktop and the same? If it can be pointed to all desktops, then why it isnt made for many desktops, heh? lazyness? Please update and let us know, thanks for your work xD by the way, I drink coffe and luv the effect.

  8. What about a simple (animated) GIF file as background ?

    I just found this great gif from the last CCC Congress (Gated Communities).

    But unfortunately it does not move… is there a simple solution for this to make it work ?

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