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Fix Akonadi MySQL error while booting to KDE after upgrading to KDE 4.2

I updated my KDE 4 installation to KDE 4.2 couple of days ago, and everytime I restart, KDE and Akonadi would throw me an error about MySQL server not being installed. Akonadi is the suite in KDE 4.2 – and I don’t use it – and sure as hell don’t want to install a MySQL database server just for this. So I decided to get rid of Akonadi – just fire up your package manager and uninstall it. It would probably remove the entire KDE PIM package – but meh, I’m good with that.

Specifically in Sabayon, open the terminal, switch to root using

su root

and hit enter.

Next type

equo remove akonadi

That’s it.


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