Linux version of World of Goo is out – Download the free demo

Being a gamer – I’m always on the lookout for new games – while I do enjoy some of the “big-name” games – there are few of those little known games which are fantastically awesome. World of Goo is one of those.

World of Goo – in a nutshell can be described as a extreme-physics-added version of Lemmings. Basically you have to “guide” the “goo-balls” to the specified pipes – seems easy, well that’s where the Physics & levels come in. The levels aren’t the straight forward ones, you have to build bridges, towers by “Connecting” the goo balls from one to other.

There are different types of goo-balls, each with their own unique set of properties and behaviours. I suppose this write-up isn’t doing much in making you understand, best would be to play it and experience it yourself – it is a wonderful and unique game.

Graphics wise its plain 2D with little hints of 3D but then its all rendered beautifully, and have a really nice cartoony-look. Audio is where World of Goo really stands out – the score is awesome, and immerses you totally into the game.

The game soundtrack is available as a free download – and you can download it from here.

The game, while is not free – you can purchase it for $20, you can download the free demo version and evaluate it and see how it is – the demo version offers you only the First chapter of the of the total Five chapters available. I do  urge you to try the demo version – you just might be surprised how addictive the game can be.

Download the free demo version | Visit World of Goo website.


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  5. Totally agree with the review. It is one of the best sellers of 2008, outselling lot of big titles. It sometimes makes you wonder, Can two people create such an addictive game. It would have been nice if you had given some details about the developers. IMHO

    1. Can two people create such an addictive game
      I know what you mean. And yes, I should’ve written about the developers, will update the post with the same soon!

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