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Wireless Networking Blues? Get rid of NetworkManager, Install Wicd

I’ve jsut about had it with NetworkManager. Everytime I update my system I have to bite my nails wondering whether the update will break my wireless. I’ve posted earlier about my problems with NetworkManager and on howto fix it, there’s the best way to fix it: get rid of it.

Yeah, get rid of NetworkManager, install Wicd.

Here’s how:

Installing in Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Arch, Slackware & Gentoo:

Head over to this page to read up on installing wicd on each of these distros.

Sabayon 4:

Install wicd from using equo
equo install wicd
Next, remove NetworkManager so that it no longer the default tool for managing network connections
rc-update del NetworkManager default boot
Make wicd the default tool for managing networks
rc-update add wicd default

Also we’ll add an entry to startup so that wicd starts automatically. Have a look at the video below, that will show you how you can do so.


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  2. Pingback: Sathya
  3. I agree with you about NetworkManager!

    But where is the link?

    >> Head over to this page to read up on installing wicd on each of these distros.


  4. That’s always been my issue with linux; they ASSUME you already have current working internet access to begin with to apt-get, git, yum, etc your way to download/upgrade freedom. If my wifi shitz worked from the begining, I wouldn’t be looking for an alternative. I need manual instructions on how to rip out (uninstall) NetworkManager from Debian, Ubu, blah-blah, find wicd-*.*_.deb AND ALL IT’s dependencies to download on a usb, then install it in the NON-WORKING linux box to get on the internet. Now THAT would be an informative article.

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