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    1. Well now Evolution isn’t there for Windows, is it ? I use it extensively on my work laptop, where I have Windows XP installed. I cannot use Linux there, due to company policies and my work requirements

  3. Well i dont think evolution is as stable as thunderbird. atleast not on my jaunty insallation.. but only one issuse.. these plugins are not compatible with thunderbird 3.0b3. I still dont get it.. why does mozilla have to change their addons framework each and everytime they cross a major releases.

    1. Parth, AFAIK Mozilla don’t change the addon framework, every addon has a “Max supported version” attribute, and if the app version is greater than this then it reports the addon is not compatible – this is my understanding.

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  5. I have installed the add-ons and created the new calendar. However, the invites are added to the local calendar, not the network calendar. If you delete the local calendar, then the Accept/decline/…. buttons do not show up.

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