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[How-to] Fix the Buggy Intel Driver in Jaunty

So this is a short post on one pestering problem. If youre using Jaunty and find this problem then use the link that follows.

When i installed Jaunty i had problems (as usual). One of them was this. First off, videos wont play in any video player. Codecs are in place, no doubt. But the player would go crashing down. Even vlc, which uses a seperate set of codecs fails :(

Then, desktop effects wont enable. No matter what. An irritating piece of  thing.

But it was so queer that when rhythmbox (may be others too; i dont know) starts playing (not just open but playing) videos work! But i dont think video players should be dependent on music players.

So what worked for me was I rolledback to intrepid’s version (2.4) version of xserver-xorg-video-intel. Now no problems videos play and compiz is enabled.

Click here to find out how to revert to the 2.4 version.

Hope this helps.


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  2. You can also use these 2.7 drivers which are probably backported to Jaunty from Karmic

    or use EXA/Greedy method
    (Check Issue 1)

    The latter one may not surely work.
    BTW I have 945 chipset and still had freezes. I had used the same link which you have given. This is probably the best method. People say the 1st method also works superbly.

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