A collection of Linus’ speeches

I’ve become mesmerized by Linus’ speeches. I’m currently scoping out on the speeches done by him (Interviews, maybe OK but I’m looking for his epic speeches in particular ). If you know of any, please drop a comment so that I can add them.

1. Linus talks about origin of Linux – via Computer History Museum

2: Linus talks about GIT at Google:


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  3. I read the “Just for Fun”, but did not like it that much. His git talk is awesome. There is one more panel discussion video (plumbers 2009 iirc) . Sadly there are not much videos of his talks :( If you come across more, keep this page updated. Thanks.

    1. @Sankar:
      Yeah, I really loved his talk on speech – it made me try out git and I use it at work. I will update this page if I find any more such videos. Thanks for the reference to his other video, will try to find if I can.

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