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Videos of Richard M Stallman’s Lecture in IIT-Bombay

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Richard M Stallman was in Bombay recently{#aptureLink_ezdj5ZajHB}, as I found when Aditya Sengupta{#aptureLink_G3xUyHaQjg} tweeted if anyone had questions{#aptureLink_ISHBjxViqn} for him. I asked Sengupta if there any plans to record the sessions and upload them, Sengupta said he’d have to check and come back. Few days after the event, Sengupta sent me an @reply saying that the videos had been uploaded, so thought I’ll post it here for easy reference.

Link to the videos:{#aptureLink_blVAlF6RWx}

Alternate download link:

The videos are ogg videos and available for download via BitTorrent via the above link. I will try to seed the videos as long as I can.

My thanks to Aditya Sengupta{#aptureLink_bZ85Ubw31Q} & Gnowledge{#aptureLink_xopmRa2B30} Labs for the videos.

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