A Look At KDE 4.6 Beta 1

KDE’s release notes tout the following (main) features of the 4.6 release:

  • libplasma now does does something with QML for widgets on devices – why this is the number one feature listed on a PR release about the new release I do not know. It’s hardly sexy;
  • the reintroduction of activities, which now includes starting and stopping applications as part of an activity. This sounds interesting – more below;
  • optimization of Kwin. The release notes say that this will LEAD to smoother window management and more stunning desktop effects. So I’m guessing these aren’t in this release;
  • faceted browsing in dolphin. What I think this means is that you can filter particular files by various categories in a folder view;
  • git plugin for dolphin – yawn;
  • introduction of akonadi to the PIM applications.

Note to self: Try the beta. Faceted browsing seems to be very nice.

via KDE 4.6 Beta 1 – a first look | everyday linux how2s.


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