Mozilla’s New Programming Language – Rust

Why are you doing this?

  • Existing languages at this level of abstraction and efficiency are unsatisfactory. In particular:
  • Too little attention paid to safety.
  • Poor concurrency support.
  • Lack of practical affordances, too dogmatic about paradigm.

What are some non-goals?

  • To employ any particularly cutting-edge technologies. Old, established techniques are better.
  • To prize expressiveness, minimalism or elegance above other goals. These are desirable but subordinate goals.
  • To cover the “systems language” part all the way down to “writing an OS kernel”.
  • To cover the complete feature-set of C++, or any other language. It should provide majority-case features.
  • To be 100% static, 100% safe, 100% reflective, or too dogmatic in any other sense. Trade-offs exist.
  • To run on “every possible platform”. It must eventually work without unnecessary compromises on widely-used hardware and software platforms.

via Project faq – rust – GitHub.

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  2. @Harsh – Yes. From the project FAQ

    Mozilla got involved in 2009 once the language was mature enough to run some basic tests and demonstrate the idea.

    From Mozilla blog

    Three months ago we introduced the Rust programming language, a new lower-level language that Mozilla is developing.

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