Mac needs no antivirus.

Ed Bott: Yes, there must have been a point where you noticed that a lot of people were dealing with this Mac Defender thing and that it wasn’t just your calls.

AppleCare : We have a team of people who go though all case notes and find new issues that are popping up a lot and send notices to all of AppleCare. Our notice for Mac Defender is that we’re not supposed to help customers remove malware from their computer.

Ed Bott: Wow.

AppleCare: That’s about what i said when I read it. The reason for the rule, they say, is that even though Mac Defender is easy to remove, we can’t set the expectation to customers that we will be able to remove all malware in the future. That’s what antivirus is for.

via An AppleCare support rep talks: Mac malware is “getting worse” | ZDNet.

(If you’re wondering what Mac Defender is –> take a look.)


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