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EA Screws Up Coupon Code Validation, Tons Get Free Games

EA’s Coupon Code Goof Up Results in Free Games Bonanza →

The coupon code was supposed to be one-time and applicable for one game — except EA forgot to put in the one-time check. Woops. Few enterprising souls discovered that they could use it multiple times. EA’s servers essentially didn’t bother to validate if the user had applied the code or not.

via EA’s Coupon Code Goof Up Results in Free Games Bonanza.

LOL. Now if only I was at my system to make use of them :-(.

(PS: Don’t miss reading the linked forum page. Linked again here. Highlights:

  • Grant us another survey along with coupon and promo code, or just one game price under 20 dollars.
  • So the guys that scammed the system (some of whom never even did the survey; they just got the code off the internet) get to keep their multiple free/discounted games and those of us that were honest and filled out your survey get squat?
  • I’m also thinking there are legal ramifications to this, which may need to be explored. I don’t like being duped, nor do I enjoy wasting my time.


  • Yeah, completing the survey was real hard work.
  • Legal Ramifications? U HI BRO?
  • The sense of entitlement with the current gen of “gamers” is fucking disgusting.



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