Column: The sweet smell of new hardware

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from IndianVideoGamer:
"Me: “Hey, so which graphic card do you have?”
Him: “I have a Nvidia Geforce, bro. I got it from Lamington Road”
Me: “Oh, nice. Which one?”
Him: “The latest one”
Me: “Oh, you have a Titan? NICE!”
Him: “No dude, this is a Timex”
Me: “…..”
Him: “Yeah. I got it from Shopper’s Stop. Damn nice stuff they ha….WHOA, is that a shotgun!?”
Me: “Yes. Stand still for a second, won’t you?”

Ain't this true. heh

Azeem Banatwalla on the joys of building the ultimate gaming PC, and the ridicule that comes with it.

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