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Polywork could be the replacement for Stack Overflow developer story

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I found out recently that Stack Overflow is shutting down Stack Overflow Jobs and the Developer Story. While I don’t get why they’d want to do it, the Developer Story was nice.

The Developer Story was a great way to showcase your projects, highlights, best Stack Overflow (and Stack Exchange) answers in a nice hierarchical view. You could update it whenever you wanted, add in your favourite technologies or the technologies that you’d like toon(or don’t want to) work on. And since it was tied to your Stack Overflow profile, you could have your top answered tags show up in the profile. I’ve not tried Stack Overflow jobs, but it’s clear that the community doesn’t like this decision - at the moment it is the most downvoted post on Meta.

Screenshot of my developer story

I came across Polywork a few months ago via Vlad in the AWS Heroes Slack. I signed up and was quite impressed with the product. Polywork focuses on a lot of the activities that you might do besides/along with your job. You can add activities such as blog posts, live streams, or you could also badges that show your interests in specific tasks - such as advisory roles, looking for full-time roles, and so on.

In my case, I started highlighting the things that I did that doesn’t show up on LinkedIn - such as the Community Days that I organized, the Twitter spaces I talked in, my move to Romania, etc. Polywork has a clean UI, and the developers have been constantly improving it. For now, Polywork is free and supports custom domains, though I am not sure for how long the free lunch will last and at what point they will start monetizing it and in what form.

Screenshot of my Polywork profile

For now, Polywork is pretty nice and has great potential to go above and beyond what Stack Overflow Developer Story and perhaps even Stack Overflow Jobs did. Polywork folks - if you could import Stack Overflow Developer story and pre-populate it in Polywork (with full consent, of course), you are looking at a lot of new users willing to try Polywork.

If you’re interested in signing up, click here to receive the invite.

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