Unity v/s Gnome Shell v/s OS X Launchpad

Unity Gnome Shell OS X Launchpad Manish‘s tweet about Gnome shell being usable resulted in this impromptu conversation and comparison. I know all three are in development – but this how it looks currently. Gnome-shell looks way too cluttered, Unity’s icons seem to be too big while Launchpad seems to have gotten the right balance.

NVIDIA 169.04 Driver Brings Improvements

Phoronix reports that NVIDIA’s 169.04 driver brings out a lot of improvements over its predecessor. This X.Org driver contained a number of GeForce 8 fixes, initial support for the GeForce 8800GT graphics card, monitoring of PowerMizer state information, and other changes.  What Phoronix had not tested, however, at that time was a performance comparison of…