NetworkManager 0.70 breaks wireless for Intel 3945 users on Sabayon, here’s how to fix it

Well like I mentioned in my previous post, as I upgraded my system to KDE 4.2, NetworkManager 0.70 was also pushed in the update, and that broke my wireless. NetworkManager didn’t detect *any* of my network devices(yup, not even the ethernet port). A small post on Sabayon forums and I got the confirmation that I…

Moblin Event In Hyderabad and Chennai, India and YourMove Contest Details

Moblin is an open source initiative bringing developers together all over the world to create rich media and internet experience based on Linux operating systems for Intel Atom processors. Moblin event will be conducted in Hyderabad on June 26th, 2008 and in Chennai on June 27th, 2008. Register for the event, or for the Webinar.