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A look at NOMAD ChargeKey

I love smartphones. Over the past few years – I’ve gone from a iPhone 3G to Nexus S to an iPhone 3GS to a Samsung Galaxy SII to my current phone, the Nexus 4. I’ve loved all these phones, however, there’s one recurring problem I’ve had is the abysmal battery life with all of them. I’ve tried many “tec [...]

Getting php mail() function running o...

With the next Barcamp Bangalore looming round the corner, I’d pitched in to help with some of the website tasks. I installed the traditional WAMP stack with WAMP Server for Windows and started working with WordPress. Needed to get the email notifications working, saw that it wasn’t. Bit of research & found that I’d need [...]

Complaint-Driven Development

sathyabhat shared this story from Coding Horror: "Hey, remember all those brilliant ideas you had based on all that painstaking, detailed research you did in step 1? Turns out once you put them in front of actual honest-to-god real world users they were [...]

Game Dev Tycoon review/recommendation

Mini review/recommendation I’d written about Game Dev Tycoon on Steam: You start off as a single game dev operating out of your garage, and then slowly expand as you move to bigger office, hire more people and just grow. The game starts off in the distant past, and contains homages to major consoles & other gaming device, albeit wit [...]

In The Driving Seat: GRID 2 Cockpit M...

sathyabhat shared this story from Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Well, it was bound to happen. Can't wait for whiners to bitch and sa Codies are money grabbers because they didn't add this view in the retail game – because you know – the current c [...]

Open-world Need for Speed: Rivals ann...

sathyabhat shared this story from MCV: Home Stream: Open world, cops vs racers, customization, Hot Pursuit(2010) like aids to run away from cops – and the 2 F's – Ferrari & Frostbite 3 engine. Interesting. The Need for Speed [...]

Grand Theft Auto 5 collector’s ...

sathyabhat shared this story from MCV: Home Stream: Dat goodies. Rockstar Games today revealed two special editions for Grand Theft Auto 5, both of which will be available in India. The standard edition will only contain the game and is (tentati [...]

Column: The sweet smell of new hardwa...

sathyabhat shared this story from IndianVideoGamer: "Me: “Hey, so which graphic card do you have?” Him: “I have a Nvidia Geforce, bro. I got it from Lamington Road” Me: “Oh, nice. Which one?” Him: “The latest one” Me: “Oh, you have a Titan? NICE!” Him: [...]

The keys to Oracle…

sathyabhat shared this story from The Tom Kyte Blog: “What do I have to do to become expert, where is the list of key things I need to do with regards to Oracle” This is a question I get on asktom frequently – what are the things I need to know, what do I have to do to become expert, where is the list of key things I [...]

On Backupify killing their free backu...

Long ago when Backupify said they were going to offer their service for free, I knew it was too good to be true and weren’t going to last long. Fast forward today, they mention they’re going to not only kill their free twitter backup service, but also wipe out data of their existing free users. Dear Customer, We are writing to let [...]