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Celebrating 20 Years of Linus’s...

20 years ago, Linus made the first Linux kernel release – v0.01, starting off with this post. I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones.  This has been brewing since april, and is starting to get ready.  I’d like any feedback on things […]

Ruboto: Ruby on Android

Android + Ruby = Ruboto Charles Nutter, a member of the JRuby team, had an epiphany: because the Android toolchain could convert compiled Java code to Dalvik files, and because JRuby had a Ruby interpreter in compiled Java bytecode, then he should be able to run Ruby on Android. Within an astonishingly short time, he […]

Your Username Will Now Serve as Your ...

You might have read this on Hacker News/reddit, but still, this is too much of a WTF NOT to share. Basically, if you try to login to Caledonian Record, – a St. Johnsbury, Vermont based media website which recently put the site behind a pay wall and I can no longer catch up on hometown […]

Improving the Open Source user experi...

However, there’s one thing I always thought could be drastically improved in many open source projects: The User Experience. When I ask a not-so-techinal friend why they don’t use some open source project instead of commercial one many say that “it’s because ugly”. […] Designers are scared of developers. Developers speak a foreign language, they […]


Let me just list some of the stuff IE9 doesn’t support: Application Cache (offline) Web Workers (threads in JavaScript) HTML5 Forms (validation mechanism, CSS3 selectors) JavaScript Strict Mode ForeignObject (embed external content in SVG) SMIL Animations (SVG animations) File API WebGL (3D) CSS3 Transitions (for animations) CSS3 Text Shadow CSS3 Gradients CSS3 Border Image CSS3 […]

Remove all files but one with rm

Is there any way to remove all of the files in a directory except for one with a certain filename? For instance, if I had a directory containing the files file1, file2, and dontdelete. Would there be any way to quickly delete file1, and file2 and not dontdelete? I know that I could just do […]

Applying OTA update for Nexus S runni...

Got my hands on the Nexus S recently, and so far I’m loving it. I’m still getting to know the OS better – and with it learning more about the different ROMs, installing them and flashing them (Side note: The speed at which custom kernels & ROMs get flashed is a serious shock especially if […]

[How-to] Fix for Ubuntu unable to shu...

The title might be a little long so let me explain it here. This is in relation to my post on Ubuntu hanging during boot with nVidia FX 5200. A brief history: I tried to install and boot Ubuntu (all releases till date) with my card, and ACPI settings turned on. The LiveCD boot and […]

Am I the only person who gets ln -s t...

ln -s d1 d2 # Am I the only person who gets this the wrong way round every fucking time? Similar to most people who have posted there – I used to still get it wrong every time. It’s become a habit for me to do a man ln or ln –help before I execute […]

Canonical Donates Server to KDE

KDE is a growing community with growing needs. The KDE Sysadmin team works hard to keep up, but lately the servers have been coming under some strain. To help ease the situation, Canonical has donated a new server for the KDE Sysadmins to use. The server, named kundong, features an impressive 8 CPU cores, 6 […]