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Writing an iso file to a CD-R/DVD-R from Linux Terminal

Ever wondered if there’s a quick and easy way to write an iso file to a CD-R/DVD-R ? Don’t want to open K3B or Brasero ? Here’s a handy way of writing the iso file.

First, switch to root using su

Next, type
cdrecord -scanbus

You’ll get something like this:

0,0,0      0) 'TSSTcorp' 'DVD+-RW TS-L632H' 'D200' Removable CD-ROM
0,1,0      1) *

Note the first 3 numbers corresponding to your CD/DVD writer.
Next, type

cdrecord -v dev=x,y,z <name-of-iso-file>

replacing x,y,z with the numbers obtained in the above line and the name of iso file as well! Simple!

To make it even simpler, you can wrap the command around a shell script accepting the filename as the input for even faster access. CLI FTW!

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  1. March 30, 2009    

    What if it’s not already in iso format? It would be good to link mkisofs to this article somewhere.

  2. June 10, 2009    

    Nice one… ;-)

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