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Changing the GNOME Menu panel in openSUSE GNOME back to Gnome defaults

Seems like lot of openSUSE Gnome users don’t like the new Gnome panel, which is radically different interface from the traditional Menu bar with Applications/Places/System entries. Personally I prefer the new style, perhaps because I’m used to the openSUSE Kickoff panel, and I really dig the search feature

You can go back to the default Applications / Places / System panel pretty easily. To do this:

  • Right click the bottom panel and choose add a panel
  • Now right click the top panel and choose Add to Panel
  • In the search input box type “menu”, and you will see about six entries, one of which is “Traditional main Menu”
  • Add the menu to the panel, move it to where you like, and delete the “original” menu.

And, you’re done!


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