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Hi, I’m Sathyajith Bhat (aka “SJ”/“SathyaBhat”/“coolpcguy”/“cpg”). I handle DevOps at Adobe, on Adobe I/O, the author of Practical Docker with Python: Build, Release and Distribute Your Python App with Docker published by Apress Media and an AWS Community Hero. Prior to this, I brought in DevOps practices at Styletag.

In my free time, I am part of the Barcamp Bangalore planning team, handling devops and social media for BCB. I’m also a volunteer Community Moderator at Super User and Web Apps Stack Exchange, Administrator for Indian Video Gamer forums and previously have been a Moderator for Chip-India and Tech 2 forums.

Besides SQL, PL/SQL & Oracle Forms, I also know a little bit of Ruby, Python. I love listening to music and usually seen playing video games(most played genres include A/RPGs, Racing and City builders).

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Sathyajith Bhat
Author, AWS Community Hero and DevOps Specialist

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