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I’ve been organizing events on small large scale since 2012. Besides organizing events, I also love talking in meetups and conferences. Below are a collection of some of my previous talks.

Securing workloads on Azure

Presented at the Highway to 100 Unicorns webinar, this talk at looks at some of the guidelines to be followed when improving the security of your workloads

DVC15: AWS Fargate instead of Amazon EC2 instances for one-off tasks

Presented at AWS re:Invent 2019 as part of DevChat, DVC15. This talk at looks at a use case where AWS Fargate is better for running one-off tasks instead of utility EC2 instances

Securing Containers

Presented at AWS Community Day Vietnam 2018 and at Container Conference 2018

The talk looks at threat vectors to containers and how they can be mitigated

Creating a Kubernetes Cluster on AWS Using Kubernetes Operations

Presented at AWS Community Day Bangalore 2017. This talk looks at how you can use Kubernetes Operations (aka kops) to bring up a Kubernetes Cluster

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