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Securing Containers

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Presented at AWS Community Day Vietnam 2018 and at Container Conference 2018

The talk looks at threat vectors to containers and how they can be mitigated. A text version of this was published on the Adobe Tech Blog.

Sathyajith Bhat
Sathyajith Bhat
Author, AWS Container Hero and DevOps Specialist.


On Securing Containers and Open Source tools for scanning vulnerabilities in Docker images
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DevOps Containers Docker Security
I recently published couple of articles elsewhere: How to Increase Container Security and Ward Off Threats - Adobe Tech Blog 5 OpenSource tools for container security - Scanning Docker Images for Vulnerabilities with Aqua Microscanner - previously, on my blog Do give them a read.
E3 2018 Round up of trailers/games that I liked
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Gaming Games
E3 has come and gone by and most of the year’s press conferences were boring (what was EA even smoking?). Having said that, some of these did grab my attention. Below are a list (in no specific order) of gameplay/trailers/things I’m looking for and thought were good. Enjoy Skyrim Very Special Edition - Hilarious and very well done The Elder Scrolls Blades - FPS RPG for mobile, play on portrait, landscape, sounds great, PvP, PvE,town building, and coming to phones, PC and VR - and all this for free.
Scanning Docker Image for Vulnerabilities with Aqua MicroScanner
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DevOps Containers Docker Security
Containers are slowly becoming the standardized units of deployment. As containers become more popular, they also become the focus targets for attacking the system via vulnerabilities present in the packages within the image. There are quite a few container vulnerability scanning solutions (example: Clair, Twistlock, now Prisma Cloud, Aqua – however most of them are either commercial or require an elaborate setup, which makes it difficult for individual developers to involve them as part of the container build process.