Mounting .iso and .mds/mdf Files in Linux
· โ˜• 2 min read · โœ๏ธ Sathya
There are lots of times where you’d want to mount a CD/DVD image. Say your friend who uses his Windows box has given you a .iso file or a .mds/mdf file, created using Alcohol 120%. How would you mount them in Linux? Using the Terminal and making use of the loop device,there is no need for any external software tools and utlities. Here’s the steps: Open the Terminal/Console. Switch to root user(mounting more often than not requires root privileges, we’ll have a look as to how make media user-mountable later) by typing su root *buntu users and others distros in which the root account is disabled, can skip this step.

A Look At Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon
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Ubuntu Gutsy has been receiving a huge amount of hype and fan fare recently, and I’ve been following Gutsy closely, from Ubuntu Fridge’s 10 Rocking Features in 10 Days to fellow bloggers and Linux users posts on Gutsy. Naturally after their Feisty launch, expectations were high(from my side). Now I’m not Ubuntu’s biggest fan(I’m a SuSE fellow, Novell haters, meh!), but I appreciate what Ubuntu has been doing for newbie Linux users in general.

I was patiently waiting for the December issue of CHIP magazine and picked it up immediately when it hit the stands, ripped apart the packaging and took out the DVD(yup, that’s right CHIP this month had a bootable DVD of Ubuntu Gutsy :D ) and started about installing it. Launching into the live environment took a good 2 minutes, uncharacteristic of Ubuntu.

My Laptop Chronicles: Installing openSUSE 10.3 on my Dell Inspiron 1520
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When I got my Dell Inspiron, the first thing that I wanted to do was install openSUSE 10.3 on it. After all openSUSE has been serving me well all these years! Because of time restrictions and office workload being too much, I couln't do it. So when the weekend arrived, I decided to install it!

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  ย Since I dont have an Internet connection, downloading it was out of the question, so I had grabbed a copy of last month's Digit magazine which had a Bootable openSUSE10.3 version on it. Initially I was weary, especially with the partitioning and the bootloader settings(I've done this lots of times, my hesistation was because of Dell MediaDirect occupying the first partition of the HDD. But then I just threw all fear and caution out the door, inserted the DVD and booted up my laptop.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  ย The green โ€œWelcomeโ€ openSUSE splash screen is just awesome and put me in the right mood. After clicking on next couple of times, I ran into trouble. The installer's partitioning tool informed me saying the NTFS partition could not be resized, as there were inconsistencies in the filesystem and informed me to do a file system check.

Dell Inspiron 1520 Review
· โ˜• 6 min read · โœ๏ธ Sathya

Laptop Review:

As few might be knowing I've purchased a Dell Inspiron 1520. Here's a short review on it.

Laptop Specifications:

  •         <span></span>Processor: Intel Core2Duo T5250 @ 1.5 GHz, 2 MB L2 Cache
  • Main memory: 2x1GB DDR2 667 MHz Dual Channel mode
  • HDD: Fujitsu MHW2160BH 160GB SATA
  • DVD-RW: TSSTcorp DVD+/-RW TS-L632H 8X
  • Sound Card: Intel HDA ICH8(82801)
  • Graphics Card: nvidia 8600m GT with 256MB RAM
  • NIC: BroadCom BCM4401 100
  • WiFi: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG
  • Bluetooth: BroadCom BCM2045
  • System Chipset: Intel GM965
  • Expansion & Misc ports: 4xUSB, 1xIEEE1394, 1xRJ-45, 1xRJ-11, 1xVGA Out, 2xExpressCard 54, 1xHeadphone out, 1xMicrophone In, 1xMedia Card reader(SD/MMC/MS Pro).

My Laptop Chronicles: Itโ€™s here!
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Yup! Finally my laptop is here, delivered to my office at OMR, Chennai! After all those hassles(read this and this post to know more!)ย I received it 12 days after my order was registered(ie, the day the amount was realized). In case you’re wondering, my Laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1520, featuring an Intel Core2Duo Processor T5250@1.5GHz, 2 GB RAM, a 160GB HDD and (my most cherished component) nVidia 8600 mGT w/ 256MB RAM(although Windows and DXDiag reports 512 MB RAM, hmm).

My Laptop Chronicles: It gets better!
· โ˜• 2 min read · โœ๏ธ Sathya

First up, if you haven’t read my previous post, go read it!

Now, after you’ve read the post, you people can get an idea as to how pissed off and frustrated I was. The following day, ie, Tuesday, I was determined to finish off the work come no matter what! So armed with my Cheque book, 2 pens(yeah, 2, just in case any one ran out of ink!). Left my Office at 5.45pm this day, as I’d decided to goto the Adyar branch. First up had to goto ATM as I had absolutely no cash. Thankfully, ICICI ATM is just opposite to the bus stop. After collecting the cash, I was wondering if I’d be as lucky as the previous day(well, in terms of gettings Share autos, you know!) and just as I was thinking about it a share auto comes along, but it was empty! Nevertheless I stop the auto, and tell him him “Adyar-ICICI Bank”.

My Laptop Chronicles: How Fate has decided that I SHOULD NOT get a lappy ASAP
· โ˜• 5 min read · โœ๏ธ Sathya

Mega Post ahead: You have been warned!

There’s something called fate. defines it as

“fate (fรคt) pronunciation


  1. The supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events.

  2. The inevitable events predestined by this force.

  3. A final result or consequence; an outcome.

  4. Unfavorable destiny; doom.”

The past few days have convinced me that Fate has it that I should NOT get my laptop, as early as possible. Why so? Read what’s happened in the past few days and you’ll agree.

Krusader โ€“ An alternative to Dolphin and Konqueror
· โ˜• 2 min read · โœ๏ธ Sathya
KDE users have for a long time had the jack-of-all-trades, all-singing-all-dancing Konqueror for file management. In KDE 4 weโ€™ll be joined by the new Dolphin which will be the default file manager. If you yearn for a change of file manager now, however, and youโ€™re a fan of the left-right split in your file manager, you might just like Krusader. On first run, Krusader will search your system for tools it can integrate with as you can see here.

Fix a Frozen System with the Magic SysRq Keys
· โ˜• 2 min read · โœ๏ธ Sathya
You finally got your Linux environment to crash. Ctrl+Alt+Backspace does nothing, nor do the F-keys. You know you shouldnโ€™t have installed that bad driver, but you did it anyway. So you reach for the power button. Stop. Mashing in the power button to reboot could cause a problem if your hard drive is still being written to, and usually causes more problems than it solves. The Linux kernel includes a secret method of restarting your PC should it ever stop doing its job.

Iโ€™ve shifted!
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I’ve shifted!This time, not just physically but on the web as well.First, physically(literally, and I’m using too many rhyming words). As a trainee in 3i-Infotech I’ve shifted from coastal town of Mangalore to the metro, Chennai, which is again a coastal city, just on the the eastern side of India. On the web, I’ve shifted from WordPress hosted blog to my very own domain(yippee!!!) hosted on ExperTrio (thanks, Preshit!). And for the moment, my Linux experimentations have ceased due to lack of a PC/laptop with me.