I’ve shifted!

I’ve shifted!This time, not just physically but on the web as well.First, physically(literally, and I’m using too many rhyming words). As a trainee in 3i-Infotech I’ve shifted from coastal town of Mangalore to the metro, Chennai, which is again a coastal city, just on the the eastern side of India.

On the web, I’ve shifted from WordPress hosted blog to my very own domain(yippee!!!) hosted on ExperTrio (thanks, Preshit!). And for the moment, my Linux experimentations have ceased due to lack of a PC/laptop with me. Updates will continue, as soon as I get them.

And oh yeah, my sis gave birth to a girl. Here’s a pic of my niece, who’s been named Saanvi!
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  1. Hello Sathya,

    Hows icube so far ? Messed with the n/w yet :P ?

    Glad to have you on our servers :) I hope you like our services.

    Hows chennai ? The people ? Met neo yet ?

    And your niece is gorgeous. Named her yet ?

  2. @Rajesh Thanks

    @Preshit: Icube is great!! Messing with icube networks–one of my favorite pastimes. Found the IP of icube LDAP server, and added that to Outlook. Have converted our training room to CS warzone :p(after finding CS installable, on the network as always :P). The Infra guy respects me as if I’m his boss(hehe, no thanks to the incident where he couldn’t get graphical login for RHEL on Virtual PC running and I did it, by changing the driver to Vesa by modifying xorg.conf file :P) Oh yeah I’m having a gala time heheh
    Chennai’s good, no haven’t met Neo yet, will try to do so soon.
    And yeah, pleasure to be ExperTrio’s clientn and nope yet to name my neice.

  3. Congrats on your new site buddy :)

    Do change the theme! Find some cool and functional ones Here

    The themes (.php files) are usually just HTML and Basic PHP, so try modifying them directly instead of relying on Widgets (which usually spoil up the look!)

    And your niece looks cute :D (and you’re a uncle now ;)) )

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