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Convert newsletters to RSS feeds with Kill-The-Newsletter

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Long time, no write! Newsletters have become all the rage these days and I guess for good reason -  they’re curated, come in (usually) once a week and typically offer a respite from the deluge of news that comes in why typical RSS Feeds or via Twitter. Naturally I subscribed to few initially and then the list of newsletters increased - and now I am stuck with a newsletter bomb in my Inbox

newsletters, newsletters everywhere

newsletters, newsletters everywhere


Filters was nice for classification, archiving them meant they would just languish in the filtered view, not to be looked at. I thought I’d be nice to somehow have them come to my RSS feed instead of cluttering up my Inbox and with a quick search I found Kill-The-Newsletter. This handy little web app creates a random email id for you to provide in the subscription mailbox and converts the incoming mails to RSS (well, to be specific, Atom) feeds. Kill-The-Newsletter is open source, so you can even self-host the app on your own servers.


Pretty nifty and has saved my Inbox from clutter.

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Sathyajith Bhat
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