So I wrote a book: presenting Practical Docker With Python

So yeah that actually happened! I've always wanted to publish a book and thanks to Apress publishing – that is a reality now. The book is titled “Practical Docker With Python: Build, Release and Distribute your Python App with Docker” and is targeted at people who are new to Docker and want to containerize their application (with an example Python chat bot). The book starts with a brief introduction to containers and Docker, guides you on how to get started with Docker before diving into deeper topics such as Docker Networks, Volumes and Compose.

You can buy the book on or Amazon either as an Kindle eBook or a paperback (if you buy both I will be very happy :P) or if you have a Safari Online subscription, you can read the book using the Safari Online app or the website for free.

I've spent a lot of time working on the book and I'd really appreciate feedback – whether as reviews on Amazon, Goodreads or as email – please do feel free to send me any feedback – I'd love to improve upon what I have started.

Round of thanks to my Adobe I/O colleagues(especially Sangeetha) for making a poster of the book cover and gifting me this as a poster – will treasure it forever!