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CDK Day is here

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The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) is an open-source software development framework to define your cloud application resources using familiar programming languages. Last year, when AWS CDK made a splash, I tried it out for a couple of different projects and was amazed by how awesome (and a little intimidating, at first) it is. My CDK projects included:

  • CDK CDN - A CDK project to setup CDN using S3 Bucket, CloudFront Distribution to make it easy to distribute your media
  • Folding @ Home on AWS - A CDK project to bring up a compute stack on AWS using an auto-scaling group comprising of spot-based EC2 instances

When I heard about CDK Day, I thought of giving back in some way and submitted my talks for CDK Day. My talks didn’t get selected, but that didn’t deter me, and I wanted to give back. Earlier this year, when I saw a call for volunteers, it was only natural for me to extend my hand.

That was back in January. Well, it’s April, and CDK Day goes live later today! We have few different ways to interact with the speakers and the audience:

  • slack has two channels “cdkday-track1” and “cdkday-track2” to text chat about what’s on screen
  • We have a wonder dot me room for video/voice conversations in groups as a hallway
  • Finally, join us on the YouTube live streams, and we will keep an eye out for the questions.

Join Matt Coulter, Thorsten HΓΆger, Matthew Bonig, Mirabela Dan, Veliswa Boya, Eric Johnson and yours truly as we host your through the event.

CDK Day starts at 2 PM UTC on April 30. Free tickets and other links on

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