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Getting Terraform to apply only when a change exists using Make
··1982 words·10 mins
Tips & How-To's Terraform Linux Bash Make
This post explains Terraform’s exit codes in detail and how you can use them to skip a terraform apply when no changes are needed.


Bash bashings..
··131 words·1 min
Tips & How-To's Bash Linux Popd Pushd
Since my new job involves lot more of Linux, shell scripting bash and automation, I’ve been trying to brush up my Linux skills. Ran into this “problem” today where there’s an init script which handles unicorn start/stop/reload and we were debugging some kinks around this. The init script had a chain of cd to the directory and the unicorn invoke script. Was trying to figure out why unicorn wasn’t starting up, till I read a bit more and dropped to using echo to understand what’s happening


[How to] Search through Bash history
··84 words·1 min
Tips & How-To's Linux Bash Applications
Quick tip - if you use the Terminal as much as I do, ever been in a situation where you’ve written a particularly long command, and then want to issue that command again but can’t recall it ? Use the history command, and pipe it to grep to search it! history | grep -i <search-term> This will give you all commands with the search term and the corresponding line number.