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Making Dolphin the Default File Manager
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News Dolphin
Dolphin’s fast loading times and clean interface made me consider to have a second look at Dolphin. So here’s a way to make Dolphin the default file manager. If you haven’t installed Dolphin yet, install it via apt-get or Adept. More info about that in my previous post. Then, Click on K Menu -> Run Command and type ‚Äėkcontrol’ (without the quotes, of course). Then Click on KDE Components -> File Associations.
A Look At Dolphin
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News Dolphin Linux
While looking at the packages available in Adept, I saw that Dolphin was available. I was a bit surprised, considering that Dolphin is still in beta stage but nonetheless decided to have a look at it For the uninitiated, Dolphin will be the default file manager in KDE4 breaking away from the tradition of Konqueror being the web browser/file manager combo. While Konqueror will still be available in KDE4, it will no longer be the default file manager.