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A Handy Wallpaper Displaying Most Common Linux Commands

In the past I’ve done couple of posts explaining few of the common commands. A handy one-glance reference guide is always nice, and that’s exactly what Sindhu has posted.

Have a look:
Linux Commands - Wallpaper

Thanks, Sindhu

Update: Andre was kind enough to forward me a copy he had created specifically for netbooks. Thanks dude, you rock!



  1. Check this out-

    I find this a tad more useful since I’m prone to doing things like killing Xorg and what not. It’s kind of difficult to use a wallpaper when you’re using a virtual console trying to figure out how to save your system. I actually have a laminated printout of the cheatsheet and keep it next to my computer:D

    Although- I do wish I had a wallpaper like that for when I started on Linux. Something like that would have saved me a lot of Google time.

  2. I created one for net books by adjusting the one above, though I had to remove the installation section. If you are interested, email me and I’ll forward it on. I couldn’t’ find one for 1024×600 anywhere. I hope it’s useful.

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