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My First Ubiquity Command: Lincr It!

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By now, you must’ve heard of Ubiquity. If not, well read on!

Ubiquity is an add-on to Mozilla's extremely popular Firefox browser. Ubiquity allows you to do things - say search for something, get the latest weather updates,  book reviews, so on and so forth, just by typing the commands into the Ubiquity input box - rather than by going over to address bar, typing the URL for each individual site, etc. Now most people fear by the word - "commands" - OHHH! will it be cryptic, confusing? Well, NO! Rather than me explaining, just have a look at video above


I use Lincr a LOT - for the uninitiated, Lincr is a URL shortening service, by Aalaap. So why Lincr? Well TinyURLs are no longer tiny, Lincr’d URLs are, and hey - the name’s catchy! 

Anyways, I use the Lincr bookmarklet prettty often, and while trying out Ubiquity I thought why not try it out for Lincr, and bingo, here you go! If you’re using Ubiquity, you should get a prompt asking if you want to subscribe to Ubiquity command. Accept if you want to :)

If you wish to Lincr, just hit Ubiquity shortcut key, and type lincr (<url to be lincr'd> ).

So if you find this useful just subscribe to it, and drop a comment here!

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