My Laptop Chronicles: How Fate has decided that I SHOULD NOT get a lappy ASAP โ€“
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My Laptop Chronicles: How Fate has decided that I SHOULD NOT get a lappy ASAP

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Mega Post ahead: You have been warned!

There’s something called fate. defines it as

“fate (fรคt) pronunciation


  1. The supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events.

  2. The inevitable events predestined by this force.

  3. A final result or consequence; an outcome.

  4. Unfavorable destiny; doom.”

The past few days have convinced me that Fate has it that I should NOT get my laptop, as early as possible. Why so? Read what’s happened in the past few days and you’ll agree.

Saturday: โ€˜t was supposed to be just a routine day. I was supposed to goto Citibank branch, do a wire transfer to Dell for my laptop payment, scan and send the Challan to my Accout manager and just wait for couple weeks. So why am I writing “supposed”??


First I realized that there isn’t sufficient funds in my a/c for the complete payment(but I had cash-in-hand). So for that I had to deposit cash. Headed out from my room to the Mylapore branch. I decided to take the bus to the branch. Waited for the darn bus to come, 25 mins and still no sign of it. Finally the bus came, but not the one I wanted, still I took a risk as both numbers were the but the letters were different. Now there’s a sharp left curve to be taken, on the way I was counting that the bus would stop at the right lane(there’s a signal), so that it would be easier to take the curve. BUT, BUT the bus stopped on the left lane, so I assumed it won’t take the curve and got down. I was dumbstruck to know that the bus indeed took a left turn and I was cursing my self, as I’d have to walk a fair bit. Nonetheless I walked to the branch, deposited the cash, but the bank official told me it’d take another 2 hours for the amount to reflect. I was like, hmm, ok. Next stop was the Citibank branch, at Abhiramapuram. So took the auto(cost: Rs. 30, Chennai auto drivers are known fleecers :evil:). At the Citibank branch I was told that this particular branch doesn’t have wire transfer facility(grrrrrrrr), I’d have to goto Mount Road branch. Just as I was about to leave, the bak official told me that since the funds has to be moved from MY ACCOUNT, I’d have to do it at ICICI bank branch. So, well again took the auto to Mylapore branch(Rs. 30, again). At teh Mylapore branch, I was told(guess what??), “Sorry Sir, this branch doesn’t have cash transfer facility, you have to goto Nungambakkam(wtf?? that’s bloody far away!!) or to Teynampet branch. At this moment, I was really cursing myself, as Teynampet branch is pretty close to Abhirampuram, and I very well might have gone there, in the first place!!! Grrrr. Determined, I took yet another auto to Teynampet(cost:Rs. 40) to the ICICI back. On reaching there, I was told “Sir, this sort of transfer is NOT possible!”. I was like WTF???? I was told my the Dell rep that THIS IS POSSIBLE!!! But apparently, it’s not. *Sigh*. So I asked her, what options are available. he said, Sir you have to take a DD or a Cheque. The Dell rep told me that outstation cheques would take like 21 days to clear, so DD would be better. I wrote the details on the DD issue form, waited patiently to be told, “Sir, we cannot issue a DD for more than Rs 50k”. I amount I wanted on the DD was Rs 50, 300. I was so frustrated and pissed off I just marched out of the bank, without realizing that I could have very well SPLIT THE DAMN AMOUNT ACROSS 2 DD’s!!! Man am I a dumbo or what?? So took the auto back to Triplicane(Rs 60, and I was in no mood to haggle with the driver). All this was on a Saturday. Expenses: Rs. 2.50(bus :D) + Rs 30 + Rs 30 + Rs. 40 + Rs. 60. Net result = BIG ZERO!!

All this was on Saturday.

Then today, I decided to ask my Project Manager to leave me a bit early so that I can take care of these Bank Hassles. Being a bit stern that he is, he enquired why(I asked for permission to leave at 4.45pm, my office is on the outskirts) but he let me go. I was happy. 4.45 I left, lucky to get share autos from Thoraipakkam to Adyar and from Adyar to Mylapore(both Rs 10 each) and I went walking from where I got down(Railway station) to the Branch, a good 30 minute walk. I reached there, grabbed the forms wrote 2 separate DD applications and gave it to the Bank Official. is reply just left me flabbergasted. “Sir, for DD more than Rs. 25, 000, you need to issue a Cheque” :| :| And guess what? My cheque book is in my office, safely locked away. Grrrr. What’s worse?? I had contemplated carrying it, but decided not to. Geeez what a dumbo I am. Really, what a dumbo I am.

What will happen tomorrow? Hope fate will finally decide that I can make the payment and get the damn laptop!

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