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Krusader – An alternative to Dolphin and Konqueror

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KDE users have for a long time had the jack-of-all-trades, all-singing-all-dancing Konqueror for file management. In KDE 4 we’ll be joined by the new Dolphin which will be the default file manager.

If you yearn for a change of file manager now, however, and you’re a fan of the left-right split in your file manager, you might just like Krusader.

On first run, Krusader will search your system for tools it can integrate with as you can see here. Provided everything is installed in the normal locations you’d expect, it should easily pick up the other applications you have installed and will use them and integrate them into Krusader.

Krusader First Run

You then get thrown straight into the Konfigurator, where you can choose your settings. It’s quite an involved initial run, which makes Krusader a tool designed for tweakers rather than the average person.

Once you are finally into the application, you get the familiar two-paned view which is very reminiscent of Midnight Commander (which, is the idea). You have the command buttons across the button and a mini-terminal just like Midnight Commander.

Krusader Main

Where  Krusader really excels is its extensibility. There is a whole menu of Useractions where you can plug any command line tool into Krusader and have it at your fingertips. If you’re the type of person that wants loads of power and flexibility from your file manager, or wants a graphical version of Midnight Commander with some extra features, Krusader may well be for you.

Krusader is built for KDE and can be downloaded from your distribution’s package manager or the official website.

Source: Peter from FOSSWire 

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