My Laptop Chronicles: It gets better!

First up, if you haven’t read my previous post, go read it!

Now, after you’ve read the post, you people can get an idea as to how pissed off and frustrated I was. The following day, ie, Tuesday, I was determined to finish off the work come no matter what! So armed with my Cheque book, 2 pens(yeah, 2, just in case any one ran out of ink!). Left my Office at 5.45pm this day, as I’d decided to goto the Adyar branch. First up had to goto ATM as I had absolutely no cash. Thankfully, ICICI ATM is just opposite to the bus stop. After collecting the cash, I was wondering if I’d be as lucky as the previous day(well, in terms of gettings Share autos, you know!) and just as I was thinking about it a share auto comes along, but it was empty! Nevertheless I stop the auto, and tell him him “Adyar-ICICI Bank”.

The auto driver replies-“Yes, saar! Only Rs. 80 Saar!”!! I was like :!: and politely asked him to move along. Right after that the bus comes. And I enter the bus(deluxe bus :P yaaay!!) and the bus chugs along. At Thiruvanmiyuur, the traffice comes to a stand-still(as always!) and I had a bright idea. Thought to my self “Might as well go walking, anyways the distance isn’t much”. Result: BAD IDEA. What I thought was a “short distance” turned out to be a 50-minute(yeah, that’s right! 50 NOT 15) walk. By the time I reached the Bank, it was 6:50, I was all tired but the bank was still open(ICICI works from 8-8, yaay for me). I take out a toen, wait another 10 minutes for my turn, and then, guess what? After another about 30 minutes, I’m done!! The DD was in my hands!! Step 1 was complete. Next step was to courier it. Asked the Security Guard if there’s a nearby Courier centre, he directs me to a nearby(meaning 15 minute walk) outlet. The shop had “The Professional Couriers” board, so I was pretty happy since Dell prefers “The Professional Couriers” and I’ve had good experiences with them. But, but(as always), it turns out that the board was just that–a board! :| The shop was an agent of some PAFEX couriers(which I later come to know that is a Licensee of FedEx). So as of now, I’ve despatched the DD. The agent told me that the consignment should reach Bangalore by tomorrow. So fingers crossed till then! :|


  1. LOL! FedEx guys are fast! I don’t suppose you are checking their online tracking (keep clicking every hour) :P

    And So! The Auto-Ricks are the same story everywhere eh? Hmmm..

  2. LOL. I too sometimes think of walking instead of waiting for the bus to cut traffic. ALWAYS a bad idea. Hehe

    Also, good to see the progress :D

    P.S: Keep a tab on your bandwidth :)

  3. @Rajesh: Yeah! I didn’t want anything to go wrong!

    @Subbu: Checked their site, on clicking track, get lots of 404s and object not found :!: :?
    And yeah, Auto-Ricks are the same story everywhere, but hey atleast Bangalore auto-ricks use the meter! Here in Chennai it’s just a show piece.

    @Preshit: Yeah good progress so far :) And yeah been tracking the BW, that 3500-single-day-hit by Stumble gobbled up like 1GB of BW

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