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My Laptop Chronicles: It’s here!

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Yup! Finally my laptop is here, delivered to my office at OMR, Chennai! After all those hassles(read this and this post to know more!)  I received it 12 days after my order was registered(ie, the day the amount was realized). In case you’re wondering, my Laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1520, featuring an Intel Core2Duo Processor T5250@1.5GHz, 2 GB RAM, a 160GB HDD and (my most cherished component) nVidia 8600 mGT w/ 256MB RAM(although Windows and DXDiag reports 512 MB RAM, hmm). I’ll have a review on it shortly, both on Windows as well as Linux.  So keep reading in! (PS: Was playing Oblivion till 2AM yesterday :P , it looks :shock: @ 1280×800 with texture size set to large, all details set to Max, and HDR enabled(AA was disabled, though, the same ol' Oblivion caveat)

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