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File Associations:Changing/Removing/Adding default applications for particular filetypes in openSUSE 11 & KDE 4.1

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Consider this situation. You have multiple programs installed for a particular file type. Now double clicking it opens an application, but you want it to open in another application.

For example, you want your images to open in showFoto instead of Gwenview, so how do you go about doing this? Let me show you how to do so!

First, launch KDE settings, by clicking on the K menu and then Configure Desktop.


This will bring up the System Settings application.


Alternatively, you can also bring up this application by pressing Alt + F2 and typing systemsettings in the Run box, or by launching the terminal and typing systemsettings.

Now Click on Advanced settings tabs, and then click on File Associations. The File associations applet will open


In the search box, type the extension of the file, whose association you want to change. You will be presented with a list of applications which will open the particular type of file. Now click on the name of your desired application, and make sure that it is in top of the list, by pressing the move up button.

Taking the example of the picture above, if I want showFoto to open for png files, then I just have to click on showFoto, and press Move up till it reaches top of the list.

If you want to remove file association for a particular type, just click on the Remove button.

And similarly, if you want to add a file association for a particular extension, Just click on Add button next to filename patterns, type the extension. To associate a particular application, click on the extension, click on the Add button, and just type the name of the application you want to associate with or choose the application from the list

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