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Mounting & Accessing Windows Shared Folders on Linux

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Well recently I’d bought an external 750GB USB hard disk, as I was running out of space on my laptop. Now this drive requires an external power source, so I just cant lug it everywhere with my laptop in my room so I thought I’ll connect this to my other laptop, and share the drive (the other laptop is my office one, runs on Windows) and I could access this drive over WiFi. While accessing the drive contents via Dolphin was pretty easy thanks to the smb kparts (ie, to access just type smb:/// oh btw this works in Gnome 2.23 as well) trying to access the drive in Amarok via smb kparts would result in Amarok crashing. Hence I decided to mount it. I was sorta stuck, as I read the man pages for mount which mentioned smbfs is available but then mount kept throwing ‘unknown filesystem type smbfs".

Anyways after some Googling I mounted using CIFS, the command would be

mount.cifs //<host-or-ip-address>/<share-name> <path-to-mount><br />

If the share requires authentication just add -o user=<user-name> to the above line. You will be prompted for password, just enter it, and the share will be mounted.

If you want a graphical tool, you can check out SMB4k



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