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[How-To] Enabling Font Anti-Aliasing (aka ClearType) in KDE

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While going through some of KDE settings I found this simple way to enable Anti Aliasing for Fonts (also known as ClearType in Windows). This will definitely make your fonts more pleasing to look at.

For this, just launch KDE settings - this is generally known as Configure Desktop in openSUSE or System Settings in Kubuntu.

Desktop Settings

From there, Under Look & Feel, Click on Appearance. Navigate to Fonts, and under use Anti-Aliasing, choose Enabled from Dropdown box

Enable AntiAliasing

So you might be asking, is it really that big-of-a-deal? Does it matter? The answer is YES! Do check out the pictures below, that taken with and without Anti-aliasing! The differences are pretty obvious.

Without AntiAliasing

Without AntiAliasing

With Anti Aliasing
With Anti Aliasing
Pretty awesome eh?

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