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Amarok 2.2.90 Most Irritating Bug #228014: File metadata not displayed If File Is Not Present In Collection

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Well it’s no secret that I’m a music fan and love to keep my music organized, and neatly tagged. ( Well, if you didn’t - now you do ). I’d posted quite sometime ago on how to keep your music well tagged and organized{#aptureLink_3xJl5k39gE}, so there’s pretty much no way that my files wouldn’t be tagged.

Of course, there exceptions here and there but majority are tagged. So I was rather surpised today when Amarok , during playback wasn’t showing any metadata. To verify - I installed id3v2, a CLI tool to view/edit ID3 tags for mp3 files using zypper and - guess what- it showed the meta data correctly.

ID3 tag - gone!
ID3 tag - gone!

I tried this for few more songs so that I can reproduce this, and confident of that, fired up the bug report tool and filed in a bug for the same. In few hours, I got an email notification about change in status of the bug. Here's what Myriam asked me:

Are those tracks in the collection? You might want to try a full collection
rescan and restart Amarok to see if it changes.

On checking, - the tracks had mysteriously disappeared from my collection. I rescanned the collection, still it showed nothing. Quit Amarok, restarted, and lo, it was there :|
So the bug - if the tracks aren't in collection, then the meta data for them is not read / skipped. Why ? I don't know. Perhaps the developersthought,

hey the track isn't in collection, so lets not parse the meta data and we'll skip gathering the stats.


Note: This is what *I* think, I'm nowhere implying that this is by design of Amarok.

It'll be interesting to see how the bug gets tracked and what happens to it. Will keep updating it.

(PS: If you're wondering why its irritating, well, without the metadata the scrobbler won't pick up the song and scrobble the play. Maybe you think its stupid, but *meh*).

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