A look at GNOME Census

Here are our key findings:

GNOME has a rhythm – there is a measurable increase in activity before release time, and after the annual GNOME conference GUADEC

  • While over 70% of GNOME developers identify themselves as volunteers, over 70% of the commits to the GNOME releases are made by paid contributors
  • Red Hat are the biggest contributor to the GNOME project and its core dependencies. Red Hat employees have made almost 17% of all commits we measured, and 11 of the top 20 GNOME committers of all time are current or past Red Hat employees. Novell and Collabora are also on the podium.
  • A number of top company contributors are consultancy/services companies specialising in the GNOME platform – Collabora, CodeThink, Openismus, Lanedo and Fluendo are in the top 20 companies. As many of these companies grew initially through work on Maemo, this is a sign of the success of Nokia’s strategy around the GNOME stack.
Company Commits Percentage
Volunteer 101823 23.45
Unknown 73558 16.94
Red Hat 70790 16.30
Novell 45349 10.44
Collabora 21684 4.99
Intel 11160 2.57
Fluendo 10218 2.35
Lanedo 10090 2.32
Independent 8922 2.05
Sun 8862 2.04
Nokia 6183 1.42

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Notice a missing company ?


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  3. Canonical has always been below when it comes to contributions. They develop softwares downstream which gets pushed upstream pretty late. In most of the surveys, the position of Canonical is always pretty below in the list.

    Dunno what new does this GNOME study is trying to tell us? Everyone knows Canonical is below and will always be going to be below.

    Anyway this list is for all time contributions, so Canonical can never ever catch up. RedHat has been contributing to GNOME even before Canonical existed.
    Giving a stats table for last 2-3 years would throw more light.

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