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SSH into your servers from Unity using unity-sshsearch-lens

I love Unity, especially the lens feature. While going through the Ubuntu store, found this neat little lens for initiating an SSH connection.

Unity sshsearch Lens

The lens parses your ~/.ssh/known_hosts & ~/.ssh/config files and provides you with a list of servers that you can connect to. Just install the lens, logout & login back to your desktop and you’re good to go.

To search, just bring up Unity dash by hitting the Super (aka Windows) key, type either the username or host and just hit enter to initiate the connection.

Pretty slick. Install it by searching for SSH Search Lens in Ubuntu store or by clicking here. Oh, the notes mention you’ll need Oneiric & above – so keep that in mind.


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  2. Thanks, this is a useful lens. I noticed that it would bring up old long-dead servers which I had forgotten about but where still in my known_hosts file. To get rid of these you might (assuming hostname hashing is turned on) have to remove them with ssh-keygen:

    ssh-keygen -R oldsvr
    ssh-keygen -R ITS.IP.ADDRESS

    Also I was not familiar with the local ~/.ssh/config file so I had to figure out how to put hostnames in there. Turns out it’s easy, you just put:

    Host mysvr

    And you can put options after that, like

    User myacct
    Port 2345

    You can also specify multiple hostnames in the Host directive.

    Now it becomes a really handy way of ssh’ing to my servers.

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